Saturday, November 15, 2014

Finding your Ideal Nappy Bag

Mums who love being out and about with their kids will often want to look fabulous at the same time. Part of that involves bringing a bag that is more than capable of carrying all of your baby’s important supplies while sporting a flair seen in the most fashionable designer handbags. With that in mind, it’s time for you to choose from among many quality nappy bags. Some points are worth taking note:
Multiple compartments
When bringing so much mum and baby stuff along in a regular bag, it’s very easy to lose track of each item. An ideal nappy bag will have several compartments to help you organise your stuff, such as a place for the nappies, the wipes, and even personal items like your purse, mobile phone, and the car keys. The personal items should also be in a discreet section because of the danger of the bag being slit open and the items stolen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shopping for Designer Nappy Bags and Keeping Them in Mint Condition

For designer nappy bags made for stylish moms, the same ideas apply. You can’t abuse the accessory with excessive, spilling baby items, uncleaned spit-ups, or improper storage, and expect it to not look battered. Aside from heeding Garnsworthy’s tips on cleaning and keeping them properly, you have to be quite meticulous in picking out the right baby bag and accessories in the first place. Think of What You Need Before What You Want Make sure you shop for an appropriately-sized nappy bag with enough pockets to carry and organise your baby’s necessities (and yours, too, if you want a carryall). Choose authentic materials and waterproof linings, so cleaning the bag will be easy. Look for matching accessories like change mats, insulated bottle holders, snacks containers, and zip top wetpacks to properly segregate your childcare items.