Monday, January 12, 2015

A Short Guide to Choosing Leather Nappy Bags

Style-savvy women refuse to give up their fashion sense just because they become mums. They can continue to look on-fashion and blend in with their voguish friends or colleagues. Getting a stylish leather nappy bag is a good trick to accomplish this. Chic women know what they want and look for these features when shopping for leather nappy bags:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When Chic Nappy Bags Come in Handy: An App to Remind You of Nappy Change

You’re probably all too familiar with lugging these items everywhere you go with your baby, whether for a stroll in the park, or when you take the baby with you to the office. Fortunately, most high-quality nappy bags are spacious enough to carry all these items, thanks to their versatile pockets and durable genuine or faux leather. You do not have to go around with one that screams “nappy bag”. Certain brands, like Vanchi (of course), are so chic that they are often mistaken for designer bags.